Lahore and its gates

Lohari-GateMy friend who works at Clearwater air conditioning companies visited Pakistan last year where he told me that Lahore is city of Punjab, in Pakistan. Lahore was previously named Lava; he was son of Hindu God Rama. It is 32nd popular city of the world. In Pakistan, Lahore is known as a world of fashion as well. It is a global city. Lahore is a cultural hub and a largest Punjabi speaking city of the world.  This city has a long and interesting history. The roots of establishment of Pakistan are strongly embedded in Lahore. Lahore is not less in any aspect whether we talk about food, education, film industry, Qawwali music, or a fashion industry. This marvelous city has major attractions which are unique in its own history.

Gates of Lahore:

Lahore has thirteen gates from history to till now but only 6 gates survive today rest of them are in under urgent need of repair and restoration.  

    • Bhatti gate is located on western side of walled city of Lahore. The area inside the gate is very famous for food. Data Durbar (mausoleum of Sufi saint, also known as Ali hajwari) is outside of bhatti gate. On every Thursday Qawwals and Na’at reciters gathered there to recite religious Qawwalis and Na’at.
    • Shairanwala gate was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. This gate is also named gate of lions. After completion of this gate the two lions kept in cage at the gate as a symbolic gesture.


  • Lahori gate is very close to bhatti gate. Basically this gate was made to keep enemies out in that time. But know it is surrounded by shops and stalls.
  • Roshani gate which is still in its original condition and looks. It is located at amazing place between badshahi mosque and Lahore fort. The gate was lit up in evening so it is called Roshnai gate.
  • Dehli gate was located on place which was once a road and that road was only and main road from Lahore to dehli as its name mentioned. This gate was badly affected in 1947. So after it was renovated and now it is as beautiful as once it was.
  • Kashmiri gate faces the direction of Kashmir as its name mentioned. Now, inside of this gate is shopping centers and Girls College. Girls College is built upon old haveli of Mughals.



     The other gates are no longer exist which include Akbari gate, Mochi gate, Masti gate, Mori gate, Shah-Alami gate, Taxali gate, yakki gate.