Ridiculous Laws: How Not To Go To Jail In Different Countries?

rs-19294-20130326-national-affair-624x420-1364321355The laws of some countries look so ridiculous that seem a fiction. Let’s discover what actions can lead you to a fine in some countries. Here are some countries laws which you must know before you visit any of these countries. We discussed this when we were on a trip to Circle N Maze.

Rubbish in Singapore

Singapore is such a tech country that the electronics are in every centimeter. Be sure that you will meet the police, if you take in head to use the elevator as a toilet. Many of them are equipped with liquid sensors, and if they are triggered, the doors are automatically locked until the cops arrive. Also, a huge fine will get a person that throws rubbish on the streets.

Empty tank on the autobahn in Germany

The most common German ban on which different sources refer is that if while driving on the autobahn you run out of gas in the fuel tank, then you will get a fine. In fact, it is not considered a violation and subject to a fine. But it is worth knowing that it is forbidden to stop on the autobahn, as well as walk on it. Fine for a stop is 70 euros; for a driver or passengers walking on the sidelines – 75 euros.

Camouflage in Barbados

In fabulous Barbados people ride exclusively on fishing, truanting money at local casinos , and sunbathing on the beaches. Not everyone knows that it is forbidden to wear camouflage uniforms for all but military on duty. Such a rule appeared thanks to the Prime Minister Tom Adams, who actively lobbied for the military invasion of Grenada in 1983. He feared that the refugees and military from the neighboring island (which is about 250 km away) will move to Barbados and will be using a uniform to rob tourists and locals.

Gestures in Dubai

Dubai is one of the Emirates, which is the most loyal to tourists. They are used to unmarried men and women staying in one room . But tourists should cover shoulders and knees when visiting government offices and public places. The subway cars have a special section for women and children, where the entrance for men is prohibited. Also, men are categorically forbidden to touch women. Smoking, drinking alcohol and showing feelings in public (kissing, hugging or holding hands) are also not allowed.

Cactus in Arizona

There is a joke that in Arizona you can get 25 years in prison for cutting down cacti. In fact, for a long time, no one went to jail for this crime. But the law, in fact, provides a fine of $1500, depending on the damage. In this case, the authorities mean the giant cacti that grow in the Sonoran Desert. They can reach the height of 15 meters and the weight of several tons. In order to protect them from poachers (cacti are cut down illegally and sold to decorate the private areas), they are implanted with microchips that track the movement of plants.