What are the places of interest to visit in Tehran?

beautiful tourist attraction in iran2Tehran is the capital of Iran and it is rich in culture and history.Some of the places of interest are listed below.

First of all we are going to talk about The Milad tower which is one of the most important structure and most significant feature of Tehran.It was completed in 2007 having height of 435 meters which makes it the world’s highest tower.You can see the beautiful views of city from this tower very clearly. A revolving restaurant found here is also a prominent feature.

Furthermore, My friend from Tehran who met with me at Private Detective Phoenix. He told me that Azadi tower which is also known as Borj-e-Azadi or Freedom Tower was built in 1971.It is a Y-shaped building which is a true example of great architecture which is located in a park in east Tehran.Although,it is not tall as Milad Tower but still you can find the best views of city from top floor.

In addition to it,Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art is worthseeing due to huge collection of artworks. Here,the work of world’s famous artists like Picasso ,Monet and Henry Moore alongwith Iranian artists are displayed. Moreover, the architecture of this museum must be admired.

Park-e-Jamshidieh is a large park,found in the foothills of Alborz Mountains, containing the beautiful area around it and fresh air are the features which are enough to pay a visit to this park.You will find the best picnic spots and views ,higher you climb,you will able to find the fantastic views.

Golestan Palace is situated just near to the Grand Bazaar,including reception halls,museums beautiful rooms and gorgeous gardens.The palace is consisted of the best interior work and beautiful fountains which make it worth seeing.

So,a trip to Tehran will be the most interesting by visiting the above mentioned places.

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