Tajikistan; ancient nation

museumI was at Chapel Hill cosmetic dentist office where i met my old friend. He is currently living in Tajikistan, so i asked him about the place and he said: Tajikistan is located in central Asia. The nation of Tajikistan is the most ancient nation of the world. The cities of Tajikistan are beauty.

Cities of Tajikistan:

    • Penjikent was made up of five villages which was later on organized and made one city in 5th and 8th century A.D. This city was completely destroyed in Battle by Arabs in 8th century. The ruins are found in last century. So many things found like Palace along with some written documents (letters etc.) which are written in their language, house of craftsman along some wooden pieces, church.
    • Istaravshan is also known as museum city. This is also an ancient city as it celebrated its 25,000 anniversary in 2002. This city has many monuments which tell the history of this city.
    • Kurgan Tube is one of the largest cities of Tajikistan. This city has many large colleges, universities, hotels. The museum of the city has almost 700 items gemmed in glass cases which tell the history of this city and from present condition of the city one can easily find out a clear difference. This museum also has wooden, copper, ceramics items which explain the hard work of people.
    • Khujand was come on ground in 6th and 7th century. This city is scientific, culture, and industrial hub of Tajikistan. This city has all facilities of transport. City has airport, railway station. This city was home of many writer, musicians, scientists. This city has a university where students come from around the country and approximate 10,000 students are enrolled in this university. Khujand has historic and archeological museum also.
    • Gram city is named due to Gram Chashma Resort which is located next to mineral water spring and was made in 1957. This chashma is blessing of God. This hot water is good to cure many diseases like skin diseases, gynecological diseases. Nervous system diseases and cardio diseases. Many people cured their diseases by this hot water and got relief.