What are incredible places to visit in Germany?

New_Town_Hall_and_Marienplatz_Munich_Germany-720x620While talking about Germany, although Berlin Wall is first priority for visitors to visit but following list will show other attractions for tourists.

First of all we are going to talk about Munich, which is famous namely Hofbrauhaus as told by my friend who works in real estate agents in new braunfels . Here , you will come to know about fascinating architecture, museums and very beautiful parks.Wel, Munich is rich in places which are very suitable for shopping, dining and entertainment.

Berlin is city which is changed so much in the last 20 years. Once it was showing sign of cold war and now it has become a combination of fashion , music and art. You can find here more than 170 popular museums specially Museum Island and galleries and East Side Gallery are fabulous .

Furthermore , cologne is just a host for the best cathedrals ever. The most attraction and worth seeing places in Cologne are cathedral (Kolner Dom), the Hohenzollern Bridge and the Altstadt, which are rich in historical background as having historical buildings and monuments along with areas, well known for fashion . Well, don’t miss the cologne Carnival, if you are going to visit Cologne in November, because it is one of very famous street festivals in Europe.

In addition to it, The Romantic Road, here, you can have a chance to see the world’s best scenery.It runs between Fussen and Wurzburg and take visitors to Bavaria” fascinating attractions such as Neuschwanstein Castle.

Well, The Mosel Valley is one of the Germany’s most beautiful and attractive place having amazing terraced vineyards, stunning villages and dreamy castles just like a fairytale castle.

The best time to visit the Mosel Valley is late summer or early fall. It is because at this time harvesting in one of the oldest towns of Germany. It was founded by the Romans in 179 A.D and now it has become cultural heritage and lovely places for history lovers. Steinerne Brucke, a 310-meter long stone bridge is the main sight . No doubt, RegensBurg has more bars and pubs than any other city in Germany.

So, finally, the above mentioned list will help you to choose the best suited place to visit according to your nature.